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Wedding Themes

What’s your wedding style?

What’s your wedding style?

Wedding is one of the most awaited ceremonies for everyone in a family. India weddings are mostly about big family gathering, lots of fun, dance and food. The world of wedding themes is so diverse and the planning options are endless. In India, Weddings are not only about two people getting hitched. But its two families coming together to celebrate and giving blessings to them for their new life journey.

As India is a country of diversity. You will come to witness every Indian Wedding different from the other. Each state and each culture wedding are different and carry their own rituals. Be it different states, different culture, a different religion, In India wedding needs commitment and social obligations.

Let’s see how varied Indian weddings could be and how similar or dissimilar they are from each other. Listed below are Indian weddings with their own rituals and traditions to follow. Which and what do you like about them?

Kashmiri Wedding

Starting by kamsamdry, which is an engagement before the wedding is followed by Livun. A ritual of cleaning the bride and groom house to begin the wedding ceremony. The Kashmiri wedding includes ritual like Krool Khanum – a flower arrangement and decoration of the house, Wanvun- singing and dancing in the house enjoying customary drink sheer chai, Maenziraat – putting heena design on brides hands, Snazaroo- sending makeup and flowers jewellery to the bride. These rituals are then followed by Kanishran, Devgon and Duribat.

Marwari Weddings

Marwari Weddings are famous in Rajasthan. Starting from the Sagai ceremony which is an engagement of bride and groom. The wedding is followed by Ganpati Sthapana making worship to Lord Ganesh for well-being. The wedding includes ritual like Pitthi dastoor, Mehfils, Rajput Baraat, Jaimala, panigrahan and Bidai. These are the days of a lot of dancing and singing in Marwari weddings.

East Weddings

East India weddings are the simplest wedding ceremonies. These are the weddings where you see a lot of traditional differences. Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and 7 princely states, each of them and their traditions, customs and rituals are way different from each other. The weddings include family or whole community gathering and shower blessings upon the bride and groom. Basic rituals of eating, showering blessings and some regular Juroon, Tel Diya, Pani Tula, Nuoni, and Daiyon Diya takes place in Assamese weddings.

Punjabi and Sikh Weddings

Mostly identified as the loudest wedding ceremonies in India is Punjabi Weddings. The rituals include Roka that is an engagement of bride and groom. The ritual in Punjabi and Sikh weddings are almost the same. From Chuni Chadhai, Mehandi and chooda and kalire ceremonies. Punjabi and Sikh Weddings have common rituals. Besides having a lot more similarities, Sikh Wedding takes place in Gurudwara in the day time.

Muslim Weddings

Muslim Wedding which is generally known as Nikah is celebrated with family and community gathering. After The Magni which is an engagement, the nikah is followed by many rituals. The Haldi ceremony is celebrated. At wedding night Qazi reads Nikahnama asking the bride and groom for their approval.

Parsi Weddings

Parsi Wedding is very different from many cultures. It holds tradition lot more different from normal Hindu culture. Parsi Weddings takes place in their holy temple. Where brides’ mom and groom perform the Parsi rituals. The custom is called achumichu. Bride’s mother circles raw eggs, rice, coconut, dates, and areca nuts and throws it over the groom’s head. She takes water and throws it on both his sides.

Christian Weddings

Christian’s weddings are white, beautiful and elegant. The bride walks down the aisle with her father. The bride and groom exchange vows in front of the church’s father. The wedding then followed by gathering, celebrating and dancing accompanied by grand feasts.

Sure there are a lot but these are some of the wedding themes takes place in India. Your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding themes to guests. Many traditions, customs and rituals are same but known by different names. Very few things are known about each wedding traditions yet many things are known about the different weddings. No matter what. Weddings are fun to attend. The day is special to both bride and groom and their families and friends too. Explore the range of wedding services at shaadinama for an unforgettable wedding experience!